What time is your check  in and check out?

Our check in is 12PM and check out is 10AM.

I don’t have a credit card to reserve the bed…

Then can we ask what time you are due to arrive, your bed will be secured until 1 hour after your arrival time. If you think it will be later please let us know as soon as possible.

Do you have a car park?
No we don’t. There are several car parks nearby, as well as some residential areas where is free to park all day if you can find a space. When you arrive at the hostel and check-in we are happy to direct you to these.

Is linen provided?

Yes, all bed’s linen is provided at this hostel and you don’t need to bring it to reception when you check out.

If I need to cancel the booking, how far in advance do I need to let you know?

We need at least a 48 hour notice if you are canceling the reservation. Otherwise we will charge you the first nights stay on your credit card.

Do you have female only dorms as well?

Yes we do, would you prefer to stay there instead of mixed dorms? We have 4, 6, 8 and 10 bed dorms all female only.

I’m arriving late, can I still check in?

Of course, we are open 24 hours.

I’m arriving 6am, can I still check in?

Note: If guests arrive before 5am their booking will be booked under the night before. If guests arrive after 6am their bookings will be the following day.
You can, but check-in will not be until 12pm. You are welcome to leave your bags in our luggage room and use any of our facilities until we can check you in to your room.

Can two people stay in a single room?

I’m afraid a single room is for one person only; double or twin rooms are catered for two people.

Do you offer discount for staying a week or longer in a dorm room?

Yes, we have weekly as well as monthly rates to suit your needs of long term accommodation.

Do you offer discount for staying in a private room?

Weekly rates also apply to single as well as double and twin rooms. You can also get discounts if you are cardholder of BBH, YHA or VIP backpacker cards.

Do you offer any discount with a discount card?

Yes we do IF you have a VIP card its $2/night discount and YHA or BBH will get you a one dollar discount.
There are 5 of us wanting to stay in our own room. Is that possible?
We have a 5 bed dorm available for you and if it were booked for the nights you need it, we can also offer our 6-bed dorm but we’ll have to charge you for the extra one bed in your group.

How do you get there from the airport?

If you go out through gate 9 you can catch the Airbus Express; you want to get off by the Skycity stop. Our backpacker is situated just around the corner from Sky City with a big orange sign.
If you go through gate 8 you can catch the Super Shuttle which will drop you off right on our door step.

Do you serve breakfast?

No we don’t offer breakfast services. We do have a kitchen open 24 hours. Otherwise there are lots of nice cafés around where you can get great food and coffee.

I need to check out of the hostel at 5am, will there be someone at the reception that can give me the key deposit back?

Yes, our reception is open 24 hours.

Where is the nearest supermarket?

New World- Straight up Victoria street about 15 minutes on the same side of the road as the Sky Tower past the park and Market. Alternatively Foodtown is a fine supermarket down by the harbour past Britomart.

Where is the nearest post office?

Straight up Victoria Street on this side of the road

Where is the nearest pharmacy?

Go right on Queen Street and it’s about four doors past the Starbucks.

Is there any car parking around here?

Sky tower or 1st right or in Crowne Plaza Hotel

Where is the nearest ATM machine?

On Victoria Street just next to Starbucks there is an ATM. Or in the lobby of Sky city there are several ATM’s.

Where is the doctor/GP?

Go right out the door and it’s on the corner of Albert Street and Mills Lane (our side of the road)

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