My recommendation Auckland Activities

Excitement and feeling of my Kiwi life starts from some very well known NZ travel activities.

Auckland Harbour bridge is one the great architecture and landmark of NZ

My Working Holiday at Surf n Snow


When I first came to Surf ‘n’ Snow Backpackers in Auckland, I thought maybe I’d just stay for two or three nights. Then I would maybe go travelling to other places, I thought.

Hot Deals @ Surf ‘N’ Snow


Special Promotion!

Private Room
$350 per week
Private large Room ( max number is 2)
$450 per week includes free internet, power & water.

Call us on 09 363 8889 or email to book or for further information.

Hello! My name is David Fu, I worked as a Cleaner for Surf ‘N’ Snow Backpackers, and I would like to talk about my experiences here! I am from Malaysia and I came to Auckland during my Working Holiday! I arrived at Surf ‘N’ Snow in the midst of the 2011 Rugby World Cup, I was a guest at that time, and it was a party every night as the All Blacks tore through the tournament, culminating in a narrow win over France at Eden Park, which sent the nation into wild jubilation.

Tiritiri Matangi island


Do go to Tiritiri Matangi island if you get the chance, and even if you don’t go, do go. Even if you really can’t make it – make sure you go!



I have wanted to surf for longer than I can remember. But there are two definite obstacles to this ambition that put me off for my entire 18 months in Australia:


Today new visitors to New Zealand, especially upon arriving in Auckland city, are struck by the amount of different cultures that you can see in the streets of this colourful former colony….



This must be one of the first things that people imagine when they think of New Zealand.

Apparently there are more sheep in this country than human being. My quick google research told me that there is 11 sheep per person in this country!

Magic Bus – East Cape, National Park


Okay, so Jessica and I were lucky enough to go on a Magic Bus famil , taking in their newly available East cape, as well as their spanking new stopover visit to National Park. Plus we got a bit more familiar with classic tourist points Rotorua and Taupo. All this in six days of intensive activity sampling! Whew!

Kayaking Journey

I was born in a tropical island and grew up in Auckland, and at the end of last year I have found the perfect spot for myself, just 35 minutes away from Auckland City.

Waiheke Island!!!!!!

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