Kayaking Journey

I was born in a tropical island and grew up in Auckland, and at the end of last year I have found the perfect spot for myself, just 35 minutes away from Auckland City.

Waiheke Island!!!!!!

Off we went again to this island for the Waitangi weekend. (Waitangi day is on 6th of February, and commemorates a significant day in history of NZ.)

Here we were with hundreds of other excited people on a ferry to Waiheke Island from Auckland City. ($35 Return; pretty reasonable for a weekend getaway to an island) Arriving at Matiatia Ferry Terminal, we headed straight to Ross Adventures for our 4 hour kayaking journey!

Yes, Kayaking. Majority of people go to the island to do a winery tour or two, but since none of us drinks alcohol, we took the adventurous option rather than a luxurious one.

To be honest we now have no idea where exactly we went during the four hours, but we got to paddle around the beautiful water, had a snack break on an awesome hidden beach and race back to the starting point.

The only regret I have after our adventurous journey is that I have completely forgotten to put sunscreen on my legs that I woke up the next morning looking like a roasted chicken…

Lesson Learnt. Put some sunscreen all over my body next time.

All in all, we all decided that we got to go back there again ASAP to kayak. Highly recommended work out with joy- it’s better than going to the gym! (In our opinions anyways, since we all are members of the gym in town but we hardly go)

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