“Gorgeous day for a dive” He said, and off he went. I could see him fall though this tiny glass window and I kept telling to myself “Oh my god I sooo wanna go next!”, and then I let myself go into my brand new addiction, I’m terrible I know.

The thing is that it’s I to loooove it once you’ve done it. Awful! Once is not enough, terribly true, I mean, look at me, I started timidly as every first time requires it and now here I’m after my third and longing for the fourth and the fifth and…. Nobody can stop me until I’ve done them ALL!!!

Because Bungy jumping is liberating, ‘cos bungy jumping clears your mind and gives you a new perspective about life and what’s really meaningful in it, or just maybe that there’s no better idea that jumping of a bridge or a tower.

I’d love to sit down and have a chat with A.J Hackett about this matters, I’m pretty sure he detected that trace of addictive component within the practice in Vanuatu and decided to make it bigger and harder to resist, well, he succeeded.

Hackett was crazy enough to share his passion with the rest of the ordinary world and he was not wrong, there are lots of us who’d love a nice jump.

Personally I prefer the ones where you can be dunk into the water, like a large size donut, I think that’s why the Auckland Bridge was such a great place to start with, down in Queenstown you have the same alternative but from the Kawarau Bridge which also happens to be the very first site open for bungy jumping as a touristic activity.

In my case I can’t wait to get to Queenstown again and do the Nevis Jump, can you picture 8.5 seconds of freefall while you go down 134 meters? Awesome!!!

In any case, these days Hackett’s got more than 6 different jump sites not only in New Zealand but in other places in the world including Bali, Macao and Kuala Lumpur among others.


In the mean time, Auckland has a lot to offer for all those who are keen on keeping their feet on the ground. The Auckland War Memorial Museum, located in the beautiful Auckland Domain is celebrating the multiculturalism that has made this city the cosmopolitan we all know through the Kai to Pie World on a Plate Exhibition.

Right in the heart of the Auckland you can not only enjoy the beautiful gardens that form the Domain but also watch and most importantly taste all the different influences that give Auckland its unmistakeble character.

Every Saturday morning you’ll get cultural performances, live coocking sessions along delicious food tastings, a completre must do.

Last Saturday the exhibit stated with the chinese demonstration followed by the  croatian one this weekend and the maori the next one, at this rate I’ll be needing a diet very soon…


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