Way to early, way too sleepy and I forgot my sea-legs at home!!!

That was my first thought as I was walking down to the ferry station.

So after running my way there, I was late as usual. I quickly gave my voucher to the lady in the ticket office just in time to go catch the cruise. One of these days…

Well, here I’m and I can breathe again, always a good feeling, let’s see where I am now…

We left the ferry building heading out east to start the exploration of this, the Waitemata Harbour. There I can see Okahu bay and Kelly Tarlton’s underwater world not to far away from where we are and a bit further Mission Bay, mmmmm fish and chips… Ok focus, although I’m starting to get hungry…

One of the good things about this short cruise is that not only you have the possibility of buying on board your munchies and drinks, but also you get a free muffin and a coffee just by joining it, quite nice, hope that is not too early to starting my eating.

As we make our way through the “Sparkling Waters” Harbour you can see part of the many islands that form it.

Just a bit ahead from the Bean Rock lighthouse one can see sleeping Rangitoto volcano, great place for hiking and getting some of the best shots of Auckland and the Hauraki Gulf , once you make it to the top of course.

Luckily that is not so difficult anymore, you can always go on your own and  make your way to the top of the volcano, or you can just sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery while taken to the top by the road train that Fullers has available for the people that decides to go on the volcanic tour.

The cruise stops briefly at Rangitoto and the moment you see it you know that is worth the hike. I’ll be back there soon.

As we keep on our hour and a half tour through part of Auckland coastal I can see North Head and Devonport not to far away with its white Naval Base. Devonport used to be an artillery battery so there still are gun emplacements and tunnels that you can explore.

I personally love being teleported to the past, especially if my cruise includes a free ferry ticket to go there.

Once passing Stanley Bay and Bayswater Marina (don’t you think for a moment that I know all those names, I have my leaflet with me which also has a map) the Harbour bridge, right there, mythical place not only because of the 4 years and 200 workers that it took to be built, but also for being the house of AJ Hackett’s bungy in Auckland. Just as we go pass I can see this guy jumping off, quite tempting I must say…

We move along and there it is one of the sweetest places in the north coat, the Chelsea Sugar Refinery lying there in Birkenhead as part of a private park which happens to be open to the public.

I can tell that we are near the end now, we turn to have a beautiful view of Westhaven Marina and its boats; there are lots of them there, I’ve been told that it can accommodate more than 1800, impressive.

The Maritime Museum just there, this is clearly finishing, and the ferry building and here we are, back in the city again.

Not too bad for an early morning, I could totally do it again.

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