Free City sight tour

Auckland is boring.
It’s not the first time that I hear that, and not the last, that’s for sure.
The thing is that most often they don’t even know what to do around here. Once you start telling about all the things to be done and places to discover in Auckland and around the “City of Sails” starts to take off by itself.
I personally think that one of the best ways of getting to see more of what Auckland has to offer is to jump on a bus and let it flow.
These days, flowing around Auckland can be done for FREE, in the different One day tours that Kiwi Experience and Stray offer to all backpackers interested in getting around the ‘city of sails’.
In case you were wondering, these are two of the most famous Hop-on Hop-off bus companies here in New Zealand. Roughly, they work on the basis of travel passes that have been designed to suit every backpacker’s need in terms of time and price. But I totally consider the best way to see more of Auckland and at the same time taking a pick on how this companies work is just by jumping in any of these one-day tours.

Normally, you start around 10 am in the morning, on a minibus which will go around some of Auckland’s main spots: Sky tower, Devonport, Mission Bay, Mount Eden, uuffffffff. I won’t give away the rest since I’m a firm believer in surprises, and I can assure you that this one will be a really good one.
Drivers are full on info about the city, insights about culture, tips on what‘s the best to do and how to have fun, fun and more fun.
Great thing about these tours is that you don’t have to move from your hostel since your travel team can get you all ready to go without you making any effort.
With all that, seriously, what are you still doing reading this review when you can be riding your way around city in any of this fantastic buses and starting to have heaps of fun Kiwi style…

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