How awesome is it to witness memorable events of the country you are visiting for holiday?  I went to join the event Superhaka this week along with other hundreds of people in New Zealand.

Superhaka was held by Super Shuttle and Iwi(Tribe) of South Island, Ngai Tahu .   Super Shuttle held this event to express our support to the people in Christchurch who has suffered the huge earthquake on 22 Feb 2011. The event was held in four different cities: Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin.

In Auckland where I am staying, the event took place in Aotea Square, just a couple minutes walk from Surf n Snow Backpackers. A number of people from different countries gathered in the square to join this memorable event.  We all learned and practiced the words to Haka, meaning of them and how to do it right. As the time turned to 12:30pm, everybody recited the words and performed the Haka that they practiced, loudly and proudly. It was a powerful display of strength, courage and support from not only Kiwis but for those from all over the country.  We hope the people in Christchurch felt our message that they are not alone and we are always by their side.

The performance of Haka by four cities can be viewed on their website


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